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about Me

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Concerning any negative things written about me online, which are mostly done by conservative Christian or Evangelical groups or watchdog organizations, I can only say that it comes with the territory, and I'm used to it. I have no desire to defend myself, or to argue the Scriptures with those who would not be open to anything I would have to say. Integrity can't be proven, it must be discerned.

I've been discussed on blogs and websites for years because of my inclusive theology, and because of the spotlight being on my family for some time because of my uncle, Bishop Earl Paulk, who died nearly two years ago. Usually, any negative article about me begins by making the connection with him, and, even though I don't understand why that connection is germane to my story, I guess it makes it more interesting to some.

I do want to say, however, that I understand that to those who come from a certain apocalyptic/fatalistic theological background, someone like me saying what I've said publicly represents a dangerous trend...a "sign of the times", as they see it. I really understand that because I came from that same tradition. All I can say to my Christian detractors is, if you think I'm deceived or dangerous, then please pray for me. I am your brother, whether you receive me or not, and I choose to love you and believe that your intentions are good, at least in your own minds.

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