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about Me

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Neal Campbell

Neal Campbell is an Internet TV pioneer, producer/co-creator of Nexus, one of the most disruptive and inspiring new shows of 2014. In a previous life, he was the producer of GeekBrief.TV. He launched GeekBrief in 2005 as one of the first video podcasts.It became a podcasting hit: within about six months from launch each episode was downloaded at least 300,000 times.

The show won a People’s Choice Podcast Award in the Technology category and a 2010 Telly for an episode titled A Geek Brief Bedtime Story. In it’s five years of production, Neal wrote, edited and produced over 700 episodes. GeekBrief.TV remained in the top 10 technology podcasts in iTunes and top 100 of all podcasts in iTunes for all five years.      
Jim Swilley Interview: https://machine.fm/nexus/5

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