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Thursday, June 20, 2013


The headline reads:

Exodus International, largest ex-gay ministry, shuts down, apologizes for causing gays pain

President Alan Chambers, who has struggled with same-sex attraction, says the organization has been ‘imprisoned’ in a worldview that is not truly biblical.

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This is such an answer to prayer! And thanks to those of you who contacted me about this story today, because I had not heard the news yet...in the last three years I have received hundreds and hundreds of letters from young men and women who were subjected to this nonsenses (along with exorcisms, shock-treatments, and other bogus "conversion therapies", and they relate heart-breaking horror stories of what it did to them, and of being so much worse off than they were before going in...the whole concept of Exodus International was built on a complete myth, and every person in the LGBT community knows it...I was already having an excellent day, but this just put it over the top! What a great time to be alive! God is so good, and truth really does make you free!!!


  1. Jen Nemeth said...


  2. Shikera Thomason said...

    This is awesome news! Hopefully no one else will try to pick up their unaccepted, discriminatory mantle!

  3. Jason Raphael said...

    Preach BISHOP! Love ya...you're my Pope. lol

  4. Galen Colbert People are going to look back and say "what were they thinking??"

  5. Mike Gordon said...

    Galen, I know what they were thinking. I once considered going there. I have Alan's books and agreed much with what they were trying to do. We often want so desperately to please God and many are willing to do anything to be accepted. Not to mention saved from the fires of hell they warned us about. I understand what they were thinking and thankfully they have RE-thunk it.

  6. K Godfrey Easter said...

    In wake of the recent “Good News” of the welcomed apology and shutting down of Exodus International, now is time for all sincere followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ to courageously speak out concerning the proper, loving actions and attitudes believers should have toward every brother and sister and against what can only be described as gross religious error.

    From my vantage point, organized Christianity today looks just as Christ described the mainstream religion that He was born into, too: "…whitewashed tombs [religious frauds] filled with dead men's bones [empty religious traditions, rituals] and all manner of uncleanness [entrenched, morally hypocritical filth].” Divorced pastors; wife-beating bishops; closeted, meg-church-running sugar-daddies; pedophile priests; child-molesting pastors, and leaders conspiring to conceal such acts from being publicly exposed; these are but a few of hypocritical sins that run deep and wide throughout disorganized Christianity’s divided leadership body. And this religion, in particular, fills qualified to try and instruct others on how, who and who not to sleep with? From Catholicism to Christendom… the irresponsible nerve of this modern-day “Brood of vipers” is quickly growing socially and justifiably irrelevant.

    This whole religion ought to corporately repent before God, publicly acknowledge their trespasses and earnestly apologize to humanity for its heinous misconduct against all God’s children - with prime-time commercials, on buses, prominent highway billboards and more. Then it should return to Calvary’s cross and begin again by taking a pure-hearted approach to properly reflecting the image of Christ. Sadly, today’s still highly influential, but just as religiously dysfunctional Christian body, projects a false, schizophrenic image of the likeness of Jesus Christ and makes the God in Christ and its religion look quite FUBARed.

  7. Kevin Bouchard said...

    As a staunch agnostic it always surprises me when people calling themselves "Christian" use their faith to spread hate. The statement from this man is a heartfelt affirmation of what I like to think Jesus' message was: That everyone is free to do the things that don't hurt others, and if you don't understand your neighbour then it's up to you to learn how to appreciate him instead of using your faith as a weapon against him. An omnipotent god wouldn't need our help to browbeat each other into becoming what we think he wants us to be, we just have to be decent to each other and leave judgment to the one creature qualified to pass it.

    I'm not sure if I should be happy that this man is now using Jesus' name to spread this good, peaceful message, or disappointed because this development is news. It's sad that you who truly do believe in him have to actively work to distinguish your faith from what the hateful say, but if it's any consolation, most non-Christians who've ever had a thought in our heads know the difference and never took these people seriously to begin with

  8. Excellent comments, everyone...thanks!