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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Even though we're approaching the 5 year anniversary of 'A REAL MESSAGE TO REAL PEOPLE',  I still get letters like this great one that came in this morning fairly regularly from all over the world...this kind of thing makes it all worthwhile,  and this message in particular really made my day...scroll down to find links to the video on both Livestream and YouTube...

Dear Mr. Swilley

I recently watched your video, in which you formally come out as gay to your congregation. For many years of my life I have ran from all forms of religion, and grew a strong hatred for Christianity. I was touched, it brought tears to my eyes to see the open mindedness and support you have given people. I honestly watched the video for distasteful reasons. I have for the majority of my life had very low expectations for Christians. Where others see love and community I see hate and slavery. What I was looking for was another reason to hate, but instead I found a reason to love. I wish you the best. I am truly happy I stumbled across this video. Maybe there is hope for the rest of the world after all.


Thanks, John...I really appreciate it!
- JES 

Monday, February 23, 2015


Finally saw The Imitation Game today...breathtaking film...touched me on so many levels, and the ending just wiped me out...haven't cried that hard in many years...really took me a while to get it together afterward, and my eyes are still bloodshot...if you're reading this post on a computer, you should thank Alan Turing, and the film should be mandatory viewing of film for all gay people...