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about Me

Sunday, March 22, 2015


To Jim Swilley,

This weekend I happen to be surfing the web and somehow landed on your story of truth.  There are so many things I wish to express after spending time researching your story both in the past and present.  However I will not try here.

Simply, all I want to say is THANK YOU! 

Observing your courage to openly express the truth of your being gay to your spiritual community was uplifting to me.  I am a 56yo, African American gay man whose journey has been somewhat similar.  I am not a minister but have been a musician of sorts throughout my life in the church.  Having walked the Christian, Non-denomination, and now Unity path, I reached a point where I felt confused and challenged by trying to be truthful to my gayness while being a man of faith.

You have inspired me to continue the journey and have faith that God loves me.  I have a bit of fear as I get older and look towards my future.  I think by finding your ministry I will be able to connect to an online community that will help me navigate that journey in a positive.

I look forward to continuing to following, no connecting, to you and your ministry!

Peace and Blessings