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Monday, October 3, 2011

Good Stuff

I saw you speak at Oasis yesterday and it was truly life changing. I think this is the first time that I felt directly engaged with the scripture as if it was relevant to me as a gay man.

So many people have made me feel like this couldn't be my faith if I lived my life honestly...but you asked as God asked, "who told you that?" and why?

I could be angry at those Christians who cast me aside with fundamental interpretations but I am mostly just simply grateful for the sermon you ministered today, it is like my heart is truly beating again for the first time as a Christian.

God spoke through you directly to me instead of at me or over me or around me...for once my faith and my sexual identity could be at peace and engaged together in thoughtful and joyful praise.

When you asked us to open the bible to Genesis, I rolled my eyes...because for the longest time reading the bible especially the Old Testament has been to me like like making the victim of a crime return to the crime scene.

Yet God worked through you to make Genesis one of my favorite books now. Now that the beginning of the book doesn't seem so bad after all, maybe I will read the whole thing through.

Thank you also for speaking to the fact that religion has historically acted as a boys only club. I completely agree, the outright disregard for feminism and women leadership in so many Christian circles has profoundly bothered me.

I am now living my life with extra thought about striving for the tree of life versus the tree of good and evil.

Thank you and god bless.

David Thomas Moran