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Thursday, January 1, 2015


I want to sincerely thank everyone for your amazing words of support and celebration on Social Media, and in private messages and phone calls to us in regards to our wedding yesterday in beautiful New York City...we are absolutely overwhelmed by the love that we feel from all of you, and your sweet comments really made it seem like you all were a part of our perfect day...and it was just that, %100 PERFECT...there was so much favor, and so much flow to everything, that there was/is no doubt that God and the angels and the Universe were all smiling on us, and giving us a big, sloppy wet kiss...not even one hiccup...it was exactly as I/we had imagined it, and our hearts are overflowing with bliss and gratitude...there is a lot more to tell about it, but I'll save it for when we get home...
Our phones and computers have been blowing up with non-stop messages, so if we missed responding to one of yours, please don't think that we didn't read it...again, thank you so much!
I also want to say thank you to my husband, Ken Marshall...you are, without a doubt, the finest, sweetest, most wonderful man I've ever known, and I'm honored to have you share my life with me...I love you so much...
One more thing...however good you think that God is, multiply that to infinity...He's sooooo much better than we can imagine, and He is able to do more than we can ask or think!
Here are some of my favorite comments from the last few hours...except for Bishop Flunder's words, I just used initials because most of these were private messages, and I didn't ask the people who wrote them if I could quote them...

"I am so happy for you and Ken. I am so proud to serve a God that LOVES. You guys are an amazing example of what He can do. I am a Mental Health Counselor and serve mostly adolescents and young adults. I have used your example and the things you've written about your family with my clients and clients' families who are struggling. Know that your love for each other shows through a computer screen and that you have helped young people that you don't even know. I pray that the wonderful, powerful,loving God that we serve continue to bless you accordingly..."
- KD

"...you've sparked a light in others with your journey from 'coming out' to your church and remaining pastor, to speaking publicly on CNN, to getting married. And the journey, nay adventure, isn't over. Better it is yet to be shared with a companion..."
- JJ

"Congrats to Bishop Jim Swilley on getting married on New Year's Eve. He and his partner are starting the New Year off right. Jim has been an inspiration to many of us regarding his courage and enormous strength in coming out a couple of years ago to his mega church congregation; thus, rocking the Christian religious community. He is a brilliant scholar and a wonderful human being. Jim is an example that it's never too late to live in your truth and in total freedom despite the cost - liberty is costly to have and to maintain. His coming out in his 5Os shows that at any point one can do what's in one's heart."

- NS

"Jim I joy as I see that you can be joined legally with your companion....Im pushing 70 years old and it is one of the greatest events of my days.........blessings to you...and rest in your honesty..."

- DD

"Days like this make the journey to marriage equality worth the struggle. I love you as Brothers and wish you the best that heaven has to offer."

- Bishop Yvette Flunder

"I'm filled with joy as I see, and feel, glimpses of your last couple of days. It's like seeing an explosion of happiness that showers confetti down on all others, triggering the spread of more goodness in an exponential way. I'm thrilled for you both, and I know that this will be your brightest year ahead, together, joined in union.I don't want to go on long as I'm certain that your inboxes are flooded. I just wanted to share some of what's on my mind. And someone better buy some more confetti for all the happiness and good to come. I love you."
- BS

Thanks so much, everyone! Love to ALL!

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