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Saturday, June 25, 2011

CornerstoneFellowship/Houston Pride

A special thank you for an evening with..it was all & more than I wanted or expected...my partner had only heard of you thru me..now he knows how what an effect you have on God's people...thanks for the hug
- James Ozga

I guess I need to be on FB more. How in the WORLD could I have moved to Houston, missed you so much, and missed you when you were here. This place NEEDS more of you, believe me!!!
- Dea Smith

Bishop, it was great seeing you. Such a rich word you shared at Cornerstone. Really enjoy the fellowship afterward at dinner. Seemed like old times in a new way.
- Susan Watson

Thanks for the word. We love your honesty. We really enjoyed having you in Houston! Lots of love heading your way. Christa and Holly from Cornerstone Fellowship
- Holly and Chris Ortego

I cannot express how much I enjoyed this weekend! Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to visit us at Cornerstone Fellowship. Joe and I are looking forward to seeing you again in August. We hope you will not be a stranger to Houston!
- Shannon Manley

Tonight WAS awesome. So glad you came in town. Loved hanging out and laughing over dinner! What a treat!! And it was great hearing your message tonight! As always...love your guts! :)
- Jere Luck

Bishop, thank you so much for sharing 'so much' of your testimony with our church family. Looking forward to seeing you in August. Take care and God bless!
- Joseph Carl Bales


  1. A little problem with the spelling, but otherwise a nice article.

  2. ShooT! I missed you coming to Houston?!?