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Thursday, June 20, 2013


The headline reads:

Exodus International, largest ex-gay ministry, shuts down, apologizes for causing gays pain

President Alan Chambers, who has struggled with same-sex attraction, says the organization has been ‘imprisoned’ in a worldview that is not truly biblical.

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This is such an answer to prayer! And thanks to those of you who contacted me about this story today, because I had not heard the news yet...in the last three years I have received hundreds and hundreds of letters from young men and women who were subjected to this nonsenses (along with exorcisms, shock-treatments, and other bogus "conversion therapies", and they relate heart-breaking horror stories of what it did to them, and of being so much worse off than they were before going in...the whole concept of Exodus International was built on a complete myth, and every person in the LGBT community knows it...I was already having an excellent day, but this just put it over the top! What a great time to be alive! God is so good, and truth really does make you free!!!