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Monday, September 12, 2011

America, the Beautiful

I heard this song played several times yeterday during the 9/11 Memorial Ceremonies, and I mentioned its composer, Katharine Lee Bates, in the morning service at CHUCH IN THE NOW EAST.

Here is the first verse to her classic...one of the most beautiful ever written, in my opinion. I love the Star Spangled Banner, but I'm one of those who would vote to have this awesome hymn become our national anthem. It's interesting to think that a woman who could write something like this would not be accepted in most mainstream churches today, nor would her partner of 25 years, Katharine Coman...

O beautiful for spacious skies,

For amber waves of grain,

For purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain!

America! America!

God shed his grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!