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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Favorite Kind of Letter

Hello, Bishop Swilley.

I just happened upon your CNN interview from two or three years ago, on youtube. You had just come out to your congregation and you were making quite a splash.

I am and have been an out gay man for over two decades, in all spheres of my life - home, at work, etc. - and will remain so for the rest of my life. The truth in the statement, "You never stop coming out", runs deep.

The farthest thing from a church-goer and an ever wayward Catholic, I only attend mass these days to placate my mother. It's okay, it's a small price to pay and hardly an imposition on my part.

Listening to your youtube videos and reading your blogs reminds me that there's another way to connect to God and to Jesus Christ, that has nothing to do with going to Church or becoming part of the majority Christian community. I take no interest in joining any church any time soon. Nevertheless, you have inspired me, not just in what you say but also in how you look and behave.

Your vulnerability and honesty during the CNN interview touched me deeply, and it seemed to me that from the moment you had made the decision to come out, you had literally given everything over to God, come what may. God wants us to do this of course, but many humans find doing so very, very difficult, if not humanly impossible.

Your spoken statements now are full of humanity and compassion and somehow, they ring true, closer to what Jesus intended, closer to God. May I also say that the picture you posted of you and your son in Central America is a very handsome one indeed. It flatters you both. I dare say, your eyes say everything; less conflicted, more at peace, and much, much happier.

I wish you every success in your ministry.

Wow, A....thanks so much...your beautiful words made my day!

 May I use your message on my blog?

I will only use your initials if you prefer...
again, thanks...I really appreciate it!

Hello again, Father.

Wow! I wasn't expecting such a quick response from you, or any response at all. Thank you!
By all means, please use whatever I've written to you. I'm both dumbfounded and deeply, deeply flattered.

I remain,
A. N.

PS. I was so impressed by you that I just ordered your book on amazon.com. Can't wait to start reading it!