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Saturday, April 4, 2015


"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver"...thank you so much for the life-giving words that so many of you have written to me for my birthday in the last few hours...I consider each of your expressions to be a precious gift, and appreciate them all more than you know...here are some of the ones that touched me the most...I wanted to share them here on the blog...

"Happy birthday Jim! You are without a shadow of a doubt a man I look up to and that does not happen very often. Have the best birthday ever."

"Happy birthday to one of the most enchanting persons I've ever met. I know that you will live large today. You have taught me how to live and love life as well as how to be courageous and stand in my truth. Have a very wonderful day filled with all the blessings God has in store for you. God's richest and best continues to be yours."

"You were born on the day that Jesus saved us all! Thats pretty cool!"

"Happy happy birthday good friend!!!! You are eternally young and your 20's are now. You know that youth is wasted on the young. Fortunately your youth is not wasted because you are more wise than young and you live each day attracting boundless love and you live each day in the NOW.

"Happy Birthday Bish!!!!  I know that you and Ken are making the most of today so I speak favor, flow, and fun over your exciting plans for the weekend!!! I love you and honor the incredible influence youve had on my family's and my life!"❤️

"Happy Birthday!!!!! I am so blessed that you were born❤️ Press On!"

"Happy Birthday!!!! I hope your day is Extra special and Everything your heart desires.... that God blesses You above and beyond your Dreams could ever imagine!!! This is your year and it truly shines and looks Amazing on you!! Also I just wana add that I am so so proud of you!!! You are truly the real deal and one of a kind ...I can't thank you enough for helping my understanding and knowing who I am in Christ it is a beautiful thing!! I love you to the moon and back!!!❤️"

"Happy Glad you were born day Jim :-) May your birthday be as wonderful as you are and the year ahead be filled with amazing adventures and blessings :-)"

"Happy Birthday to the one and only Bishop Jim Earl Swilley! May this be the best year of your life Sir! I love you and pray that everything you set your hands to will prosper. You look better than ever, and I feel blessed just witnessing your happiness!"

"Happy birthday to one great man I admire Jim Swilley husband to Ken Marshall . You're an inspiration, brave to stand for what's true no matter what the situation is. U were right on my google front page this morning when I woke up. You are on the front line You've taken most of the arrows. I love you and I pray for you to be restored to your greatness this year. May you rise over everything that has tried to put you down to your rightful place that God destined to be. The best is yet to come. Big blessings are in store for you this year. These blessings will run and overtake you. And this year shall be called a year of restoration. 
My love to you and Ken
Be blessed!!!!"
- NP

"BIG Happy Birthday to Jim Swilley! He's one of my top influences,  pastors,  and mentors. Most of all he's my friend. Love you dad!"
- Judah Benjamin Swilley

"Happy birthday Bishop. So thankful you were born to bring light into so many lives. Hope it's amazing!!"

"Happy Birthday Jim! I hope you have a Blessed Day! You are so worthy and deserving of all the happiness that Life has to offer! My Best to you and Ken Always! Celebrate and Enjoy your Special Day my Friend! Much Love and Friendship Always! 
- TW

"Birthday blessings to a person that keeps getting better and seems happier with each birthday! :)"

"The world is indeed a far better and happier place because of this your VERY SPECIAL DAY! I hope and pray it has been filled with grand surprises and many wonderful blessings! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!"

"Bishop Friend! The most blessed man of all time! Hope this day of life celebration is all that a bag of chips!"

"Happy Birthday Bishop. You have made such an impact on my life. I can never see "Religion" the same anymore."
- SP

"Jim, I pray that you reflect on the journey that brought you to this day and celebrate is as well as your birthday! YOU are an amazing man and have helped so many during your 29 years here on earth! Celebrate all of you with passion! Hugs and Happy Birthday!"

"Already wished it but missed the day. I'll get it right this time. Happy birthday to a man that totally changed my life and possibly saved it. I love you Bish!"
- JT

"Another one already! Man they come quick. You've transitioned in a very positive way since your last birthday and it makes me proud and happy for you. I hope your day is awesome! Love Ya always!"
- PH

"Happy birthday, to a brave and wonderful man. Have a great day."

"My life would be so different without the YOU-FACTOR. I watched you speak from the stage, 1980 or so, and immediately loved you as my own soul. Without you, things wouldn't be as bright, funny, clear, sharp or free. I was a bird but you gave me wings. When I hear something profound.... or funny.... or shocking.... or amazing or bizarre..... I want to tell YOU about it. You presence is electric. Your revelation, deep. Your friendship? A valuable possession I would not trade for silver or gold. You have helped me live. I will not die without your perspective. You are stuck with me. And, in the next place, I am sure you will be part of my Heaven.
Happy Birthday! I Love you."
- RR

"I have so many wonderful words I could say that describe what an amazing man you are, but I would be writing all day ! I will say you are the kindest, most caring,loving and giving man I've ever met ! I have so much respect for you and I'm very proud of the man I see and love very much ! My wish for you today is that your special day will be filled with many blessings and love and I'm looking forward to celebrating many more wonderful years with you ! Happy Birthday to the man in my life that I'm proud to call my husband ! I love you !"
- Ken Marshall